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Pencil Control Workbook


eBook PDF format

Sample Pages

Tots and Preschoolers will love this hands-on set of 30 Pencil Control Skill Sheets. Each sheet is divided into four daily assignments for students to complete. This set starts with single strokes and progresses to picture tracing and beginning mazes.

Please note this is a PDF downloadable product only.  Binder and pens are shown for suggested use only, nothing will me mailed.

Follow up with our Maze Writer Handwriting Program for best results.

Editable Fine Motor Spelling Pack


eBook PDF Format

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Spelling has never been so fun! This editable spelling pack is perfect for practicing sight words, spelling lists, or even names, while building key fine motor skills. Simply TYPE in the word you want your student to practice and it will AUTO FILL the word into 10 hands-on activity mats. Students will use playdough, letter magnets, snap cubes, bricks, pattern blocks, crayons, scissors, and even ASL as they learn to spell their word.  This set is amazing for spelling, sight word of the week programs, or even for helping your students learn their first and last names.   (See below for requirements)

Fine Motor Skills: Holiday & Seasons Bundle


eBook PDF Format  (668pgs.)

Sample Pages

HUGE Year-Long Mega Bundle of Fine Motor Skills Activities you can use for letter of the week, instant learning centers, early finishers and more. Each monthly pack, September through June, includes 60+ pages of no-prep, hands-on activities and resources. See below for a full list of included themes and activities.

Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle


eBook PDF Format Only

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Fine Motor Alphabet Activities, Games, Worksheets and More…. These are perfect for your Letter of the Week Learning Centers. Every set added to this bundle focuses on the letters of the alphabet, alphabet sounds/phonics, beginning letter words, and fine motor skills.  Includes 19 different sets of activities, each designed to encourage and excite your students about letters!

  1. Fine Motor ASL Letter Charts
  2. Fine Motor Alphabet Drive & Write Mats
  3. Fine Motor Alphabet Dip & Dot Q-Tip Painting
  4. Fine Motor Alphabet Beginning Letter Dab Worksheets
  5. Fine Motor Alphabet Sounds Maze Pack
  6. Fine Motor Alphabet Brick Building Pack
  7. Fine Motor Alphabet Mats (Blank Uppercase & Lowercase)
  8. Fine Motor Alphabet Cuisenarire Rod Pictures
  9. Fine Motor Alphabet Phonics Cards
  10. Fine Motor Sign Language Minibooks
  11. Fine Motor Listening Skills Sheets
  12. Fine Motor Letter Sound Path Mazes
  13. Fine Motor Letter Cut & Paste
  14. Fine Motor Alphabet Popsicle Stick Pictures
  15. Fine Motor Pom Pictures
  16. Fine Motor ABC Playdough Mats
  17. Fine Motor Dab & Read Sight Words (Fry’s 100)
  18. Fine Motor Snap Cube Mats
  19. Fine Motor Skills Alphabet Pattern Block Mats

Trace Activity Bundle


eBook PDF Format

Is your tot or preschooler ready to build key fine motor skills while having fun? Our Trace Activity Bundle is filled with over 300+ pages of tracing activities that will engage and delight your little ones.  Starting with our EDITABLE Name Tracing Pack, you can customize colorful and unique teaching resources that will help your kiddos learn to write their first, middle, and last name.  Next, our Colorful Daily Tracing Binder will encourage your student to work on tracing while learning the other key skills such as the alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, shapes, color words, seasons, weather, sight words, and more!  Read the full description below for details.  This set is a Simple, Low-Prep, Print & Go Activity Bundle that you’ll use again and again in the years to come.


NOTE: Some tracing pages are also included in our Fine Motor Holidays & Seasons Bundle. There is an overlap of 40 pages.