Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle

Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle


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Fine Motor Alphabet Activities, Games, Worksheets and More…. These are perfect for your Letter of the Week Learning Centers. Every set added to this bundle focuses on the letters of the alphabet, alphabet sounds/phonics, beginning letter words, and fine motor skills.  Includes 19 different sets of activities, each designed to encourage and excite your students about letters!

  1. Fine Motor ASL Letter Charts
  2. Fine Motor Alphabet Drive & Write Mats
  3. Fine Motor Alphabet Dip & Dot Q-Tip Painting
  4. Fine Motor Alphabet Beginning Letter Dab Worksheets
  5. Fine Motor Alphabet Sounds Maze Pack
  6. Fine Motor Alphabet Brick Building Pack
  7. Fine Motor Alphabet Mats (Blank Uppercase & Lowercase)
  8. Fine Motor Alphabet Cuisenarire Rod Pictures
  9. Fine Motor Alphabet Phonics Cards
  10. Fine Motor Sign Language Minibooks
  11. Fine Motor Listening Skills Sheets
  12. Fine Motor Letter Sound Path Mazes
  13. Fine Motor Letter Cut & Paste
  14. Fine Motor Alphabet Popsicle Stick Pictures
  15. Fine Motor Pom Pictures
  16. Fine Motor ABC Playdough Mats
  17. Fine Motor Dab & Read Sight Words (Fry’s 100)
  18. Fine Motor Snap Cube Mats
  19. Fine Motor Skills Alphabet Pattern Block Mats
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Everything you need to cover the letters of the alphabet in any order you like! 

Here is a look at each of the included fine motor packs included in this bundle

(for suggested manipulatives & materials scroll to the bottom)


1. Fine Motor Alphabet Charts

Add a splash of color to your classroom with these ASL Letter Charts. Not only will these charts present the upper and lowercase letters, with beginning word pictures, but students build Fine Motor Skills while learning A-Z Sign Language hand signs.  Laminate and hang up on the wall, or place charts in a small plastic stand for presentation. Start by introducing the uppercase and lowercase versions of the letter. Show students how to make the hand sign and have them do so. Hold up the hand sign while you go through each of the beginning letter pictures saying aloud, “D is for dolphin….D is for dinosaur…etc.” Use the chart for review during the week and as needed throughout your year.

2. Drive & Trace Alphabet Activity Mats

This new hands-on activity pack covers the alphabet A-Z with 26 lowercase letter mats and 26 uppercase letter mats.This pack includes 52 pages of A-Z activity mats covering the uppercase and lowercase alphabet. Each page features a letter formation guide, tracing practice, beginning letter transportation vehicle, and a road to practice “driving” the letter in the proper stroke order.


3. ABC Popsicle Stick Picture Mats

Build Fine Motor skills with these Popsicle Stick Picture Mats! Each mat covers a single letter of the alphabet featuring a letter and picture for students to create from popsicle sticks. Below is the beginning letter word for students to trace with proper stroke order. These Fine Motor Mats are great for learning ABC’s and building small motor muscles. These work best when laminated so you can reuse them again and again with dry-erase markers.

4. Alphabet Geoboard Picture Mats

Build Fine Motor skills with these ABC Geoboard Mats! Each mat features a different letter of the alphabet with a colorful rubber band picture for students to recreate on their geoboard. Includes geoboard alphabet letters (both uppercase and lowercase) as well as a follow-up geometry activity where students look for the shapes within their picture. Provide students with a a 5×5” geoboard (transparent if you have one) and instruct them to use rubber bands to recreate the picture. If using a transparent geoboard you can place it directly over the pictures and see where to line up the rubber bands. Students create the pictures, then color in all the shapes they can find in their picture from the choices on the right. Older students can write the number of each shape they find. Expand the learning by having students create the uppercase and lowercase letter as pictured in the upper right-hand corner of the mat.


5. Alphabet Pom-Pom Activity Mats

Build Fine Motor skills with these Pom-Pom Mats! Each mat features a different letter of the alphabet with handwriting practice and a beginning word picture to create. Recreating a pictures from a colored example is a fantastic skill builder for your young learners.

6. Alphabet Play Dough Activity Mats

Build Fine Motor skills with these Playdough Alphabet Mats! Each math features uppercase and lowercase letters alongside a beginning letter picture to create from play dough. Laminate or place in page protectors for reuse. Show children the uppercase and lowercase letters. Have them run their fingers across the top sentence as they read it aloud, “A sounds like a, a, a, apple.” Students then create the uppercase, lowercase, and beginning letter picture out of playdough. These activities will require students to carefully ball up the dough, then roll it out evenly. Encourage children to look at the shape and the amount of dough they will need to try to play ahead.

7. Alphabet Snap Cube Mats

Build small motor muscles with these Snap Cube Alphabet Mats! Simple, yet fun hands-on learning opportunities for kids. Laminate or place inside page protectors for durability. Provide students with a set of snap cubes to create both the uppercase and lowercase letters. Snapping the cubes together will build small motor muscles, however, it can be difficult for younger students who might get easily frustrated. As an adaptation, younger students can complete the activity by placing cubes on the mats (peg side up).

8. Alphabet Letter Path Tracing Cards

This pack includes 26 pages of A-Z fine motor worksheet pages. Each page includes 4 path mazes ending with a beginning sound picture. Uppercase and lowercase letters are found through each path. It is recommended that you print the pages on cardstock and laminate or place inside page protectors for durability and reuse. Students use dry erase markers to travel the path, saying the sound of the letter aloud as they pass through, then the name of the picture at the end. “D…D…D…D…dog.” You can cut the worksheets into strips (as shown above).


9. Alphabet Mazes & Handwriting Worksheets

This new hands-on activity pack covers the alphabet A-Z with 26 Alphabet Maze worksheets. Students practice beginning letter sounds and handwriting skills as they work their way through the mazes.  This pack includes 26 pages of A-Z activity pages. Each page features a beginning letter picture for student to “dab in” following the coloring guide in the corner. Students can continue the border pattern across the top and bottom of the frame


10. Alphabet Cut & Paste Sorting Collages

Build Fine Motor skills with these Cut & Paste Activity Pages. Students color, cut and paste to make beginning letter paper collages. Each picture includes either an uppercase or lowercase letters written on the picture. Use the pictures to play sorting and matching games based on letter case. Then, glue the elements to a sheet of construction paper to make a letter collage. These look fantastic hung in the classroom for letter-of-the-week reference charts. Alternatively, use them to create take-home alphabet sound books.


11. Alphabet Dab & Dot Activity Sheets

Fine Motor Alphabet Activity Pack! Fine Motor Alphabet Phonics! This new hands-on activity pack covers the alphabet A-Z with fun dab and dot activity pages. Each page features a beginning letter picture for students to practice their letter sounds. Encourage students to say the sound aloud as they dab each uppercase and lowercase letter. Students follow the guide to dab the uppercase or lowercase with the correct color.

12. Alphabet Dip & Dot Picture Painting

This pack includes 26 pages of A-Z activity mats covering the uppercase and lowercase alphabet. Each page features a letter formation guide, for students to practice the stroke order and direction. Above the letters is a beginning letter picture for students to dip and paint. It is recommended that you print the pages on cardstock so the paint doesn’t warp the paper. Provide students with cotton swabs and a variety of paint colors. Teach them how to carefully dip the tip of the cotton swab into the paint to pick up just enough to dab with. Show them how to follow the stroke order to write the letters. Have them dot the letters in the correct stroke order. Then, ask students to fill in the picture with a variety of colors.

13. ABC Listening Skills Activity Pages:

Build Fine Motor and Listening Skills with these Low-Prep Directional worksheets. Students of all ages can learn to follow directions with these alphabet activity pages. Provide students with a variety of colored pencils or crayons. Instruct students to listen very carefully to the instructions as the teacher reads them, and to preform each task exactly as read. Begin by introducing the four beginning letter pictures to students so they are familiar with each. Then, read through the steps, repeating any if necessary, so that students can follow along. Older children who are already reading can use the instructions as reference as well.

14. Blank Alphabet Letter Mats:

Print this set on cardstock (bright colors work great also) and laminate or place into a page protector. Use the set to build fine motor control with different manipulatives and resources. Use a varitey of different methods to keep students engaged with learning. Here are some ideas:

  • Dab & Dot Markers
  • Pom-Poms
  • Mini Erasers
  • Play Dough
  • Building Blocks
  • Stickers
  • Plastic Links
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Alphabet Stamps

15. Alphabet Sign Language Minibooks (ASL)

Build Fine Motor Skills While Learning ASL! Students will learn the entire ASL alphabet alongisde three ALS beginning letter words. These ASL minibooks are great for simple practice or take-home activities. Each booklet takes a single sheet of paper. To assemble, fold the sheet in half horizontally, then vertically, taking note that the page with the colored letter is the cover page. Students write their names on the front of the book, then practice the alphabet signs as they read. Have students sign each phrase as they turn the page, “A is for Apple.”

16. Alphabet Pattern Block Mats: Beginning Letter Sounds

Build key logic and fine motor skills while working on letter recognition and letter sounds! These pattern block activity mats will have your students begging to learn! This set includes both lowercase and uppercase letter mats. Laminate or place inside page protectors for durability. Provide students with a set of pattern blocks to complete the letters. Students are instructed to build the letter matching up the correct blocks, saying the letter sound each time they cover a shape with a letter. Next, students identify which pictures start with the same beginning letter sound, and cover them with the correct block.

17. Dab & Read Sight Word Activity Mats

Learn to Read and Build Fine Motor Skills at the same time!! These Dab & Read Sight Word Activity Pages are perfect for engaging even the most reluctant reader! Each activity page covers a different combination of Fry’s First 100 Sight Words alongside beginning letter pictures. Students learn the basics like reading from left to right, beginning letter sounds, and key sight words recommended during the preschool & kindergarten year. Best of all this activity includes an engaging, hands-on element that is sure to delight your little students. Students use bingo daubers to “Dab & Read” through each of the sight word sentences. Each page features beginning sound pictures from a different letter of the alphabet, as well as new combinations of sight words taken from Fry’s first 100 word list. Instruct children to read closely and to say the word aloud each time they dab, moving from left to right. Young students will pick up on the pattern of words which is great for repeated exposure. No word is given for the pictures, but they have the clue of the beginning word sound, so this might be more challenging for younger students. The letter is written at the top for a clue to what the picture might be. You might review the letter sound with younger students.

18. Alphabet Building Brick Math Mats

This pack includes 26 pages of A-Z activity mats covering the uppercase and lowercase alphabet. Each page features both the uppercase and lowercase letter built from bricks, with a reporting area below. It is recommended that you print the pages on cardstock and laminate or place inside page protectors for durability and reuse. Students build the letter on their building mat, or directly onto the paper. A transparent mat helps students line up their build to see exactly where to place the bricks, but it is not necessary. Students then answer the questions below including the number of bricks they used, the letter they made, tally marks for each size brick, comparing, and graphing.


19. ABC Cuisenaire Rod Learning Mats

This pack includes 26 pages of A-Z activity fine motor building mats. The rods needed are a specific brand of building blocks called Cuisenaire Rods. They are special rods that increase in size by 1cm at a time. It is recommended that you place the sheets in page protectors and provide students with dry eraser markers to complete the written activities. Students use the Cuisenaire Rods™ to build the beginning letter picture. Each page includes a reference picture as well as a correctly colored template for students to copy. Students count the different rods and report how many they used of each size.

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9 reviews for Fine Motor Alphabet Bundle

  1. 5 out of 5

    Christina L.

    Our first two weeks of school are all about procedures and fine motor skills. This pack is great it allows for a different activity for each day. The students enjoy them and after those two weeks each week an activity goes into the fast finishers bin for them to pick.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Mrs. Goose

    I used this resource primarily with my own daughter. She is Pre-K and I wanted to have activities for her to do while at home since she’s at home with me during a mat leave.
    A great resource I will be using in my classroom in the future!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Ashley Izzo

    Amazing bundle with a wide variety of activities that are engaging and hands-on. Fun ways to build fine motor skills and learn letters.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Mikaela Kingsolver

    I LOVE these! This bundle comes with so many options for kids. I work in a special education classroom and they are great for my students still learning their alphabet. Thank you!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Jennie B.

    My child loves all the plentiful amount of items in this resource! He is really learning a lot and can’t wait to use it when my child younger child when the time comes.

  6. 4 out of 5

    Stacy A.

    I bought this for my 3 year old to use during the coronavirus pandemic when we were all home. We did a couple of letters and covered them with some objects that start with the same letter, like bark on the letter b. We had fun doing it and my son learned some letters. I have yet to try all of the activities though.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Kristi Flynn

    We love this bundle! So much fun they don’t even realize they are building literacy as well as fine motor skills!

  8. 5 out of 5

    Bonnie N.

    I can’t say enough about this resource. My students and I absolutely LOVE the activities. So engaging. So simple to prepare. So useful in my busy Kindergarten class. Thank you. It is exactly what we needed!

  9. 5 out of 5

    Melissa Smith

    This bundle is so well put together!! Both my 5 year old and 3 year old love all of the activities! I love how simple it is to print and use! Thank you so so much for making this available!!

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