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Sight Word of the Week for Kindergarten covers 52 key sight words over the span of 52 weeks using engaging worksheets, activities, games, and hands-on resources.  Each week covers a single sight word with 8 fun and exciting activities including a Battleship Game, DIY Sight Word, Code Cracker, and more! Plus, students put their knowledge to the test with a weekly sight word mini-book that will bridge the gap between emergent and early readers. We’ve also included assessments to help teachers understand how much their students have learned throughout the 52-week lesson plans!

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Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets

Kindergarten Sight Words Activities

Product Overview

Our Sight Words Package for Kindergarten is a no-prep, print-&-go, and packed full of fun-filled activities including 52 key sight words for Kindergarten Students. Each week covers a single sight word with fun and engaging worksheets, activities, games and hands-on resources including an effective and adorable mini-book that will bridge the gap between emergent and early readers.

Covers Key Standards & Skills

What's Included: 

For each of the 52 sight words for kindergarten, you'll have a variety of activities and teaching resources:

  • ASL Sign Language Chart
  • Sight Word Worksheets
  • Dab and Dot Pages
  • Sight Word Touch & Read
  • Sight Word Word Searches
  • Mystery Sight Word Activity 
  • Sight Word Early Readers
  • Sight Words Notebook Pages
  • Sight Word Brick Pictures
  • Spin, Read & Build Activity
  • Sight Word Games
  • Sight Word Assessments

Skills Covered:

For all kindergarten sight words, your student will learn the following skills:

  • Reading Sight Words
  • Writing Sight Words
  • Sight Word Sentences
  • ASL Sight Word Sign Language
  • Sight Word Spelling
  • Tracing Sight Words
  • Sight Word Games
  • Sight Word Recognition
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Early Literacy Skills

Kindergarten Sight Words List

Dolch 220 Sight Words Primer List (Kindergarten)

Our sight words curriculum is based on the recommended sight words for the kindergarten year.  This list of 52 sight words is taken from the Dolch 220 Primer sight word list.  Below you can see each of the included sight words in alphabetical order.  Our curriculum presents the sight words in order of frequency, meaning students are taught the most common sight words first. This will help them develop important reading skills during the kindergarten year. 


  • all
  • am
  • are
  • at
  • ate
  • be
  • black
  • brown
  • but
  • came
  • did
  • do
  • eat
  • four
  • get
  • good
  • have
  • he
  • into
  • like
  • must
  • new
  • no
  • now
  • on
  • our
  • out
  • please
  • pretty
  • ran
  • ride
  • saw
  • say
  • she
  • so
  • soon
  • that
  • there
  • they
  • this
  • too
  • under
  • want
  • was
  • well
  • went
  • what
  • white
  • who
  • will
  • with
  • yes

Print & Go Curriculum!

How to Use: 

With a simple to use weekly format, this program gives you everything needed to teach sight words for Kindergarten successfully. Most families will print the program front to back and place it inside a 3-ring binder.  Teach your students by reviewing a previous word learned in the morning. Here is a weekly overview of the included daily activities:

Monday Activities

ASL Sign Language Charts:

Start each week by learning sign language for your sight word. Hands-on activities help kids remember easily. Kids will read and recognize the word in their practice sentences. Worksheets include fun activities with letter magnets and fingerspelling as shown on the chart. 

Sight Word Brick Mats:

Students gain the opportunity to write their sight words alongside four review words. Each time they finish a row, they'll cover the corresponding word with building bricks to complete the picture.

Tuesday Activities

Spin, Read, and Build Game:

Students have a ton of fun spinning a pencil and paperclip spinner. As they read each word, they'll place a block on the word in the picture. Students will continue to block each word until the picture is complete. In addition, your students will practice reading their words three times for mastery.

Sight Word Worksheet:

Teachers rejoice as children get a ton of skill-building exercises as they trace, find, write, spell, search, and solve the maze for their sight word. This is a wonderful way to practice oral spelling as they read each letter out loud as they go.

Wednesday Activities

Sight Word Dab and Dot:

This colorful and vibrant page can be used in a wide variety of creative ways. Students will simply find and dab their sight words with bingo daubers.  Alternatively, students can color with crayons and use flat round marbles, coins, or even playdough to roll and smash their words.

Sight Word Sentences:

Students use their fine motor skills with cut and paste scissor activities! Kids will cut the picture words and match the correct sentence. Then, students write a simple sentence on the line. This allows kids to learn grammar and sentence structure easily and in an engaging way! 

Thursday Activities

Touch and Read:

With the Dolch 220 Primer list specifically geared for Kindergarten, students place their fingers on the dots as they slowly build up their confidence in reading. Words are color-coded and underlined for convenience and focus to help students gain critical grammar skills. 

Sight Word Notebook:

These sight word-based activities are intended to be stored in a small notebook like a composition book.  This page includes flashcards for weekly review, a sight word snap cube card to make, and ASL letter tiles to spell the sight word.

Weekly Early Readers

Weekly Early Reader:

At the end of each week, students put their new reading skills into practice with their own early readers. Kids will love coloring, reading, and creating their own mini-book! For extra practice encourage students to underline or color their words as they find them in the story.

Review, Games & Assessments

Engaging Games & Activities:

A small collection of valuable resources are available for reviewing and assessing sight words with your students. From Sight Word War, DIY Word Search, and Sight Word Code Cracker, these hands-on tools are perfect for solidifying their understanding of sight words. 

Suggested Resources: Letter magnets, LEGO(TM) or building bricks, pattern blocks, dab & dot markers, scissors, alphabet stamps. 


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Donna Finley

    I purchased the Sight word of the week for my granddaughter. She loved the activities. And she loved the mastering her very first sight word. She can’t wait to go back to Gigi’s to learn a new word.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is a great addition to our pre-K homeschool lesson plan! I love that we can focus on the same word always, but in different ways so that I am able to keep my four year old engage! Thank you for this!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Brittany J.

    I purchased this along with the preschool bundle. My four-year-old absolutely loves it! There’s multiple ways to learn in each week and repeat so they get used to the routine and able to do it on their own, while learning new words!

  4. 5 out of 5

    Tamijoy S.

    Bought this for my special needs older son! I am praying this gives him some words! It’s a great way for constant low pressure repetition! Thank you!

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