Ready Yeti Writing Bundle

Ready Yeti Writing Bundle


Sample    Format: PDF     Grade: PK – 2nd     Pages: 310

Our super silly sentence activities will give students the giggles with our Ready Yeti Writing Bundle! Children will gain a ton of opportunities to learn more about how to build sentences and identifying errors easily with our editing sentence worksheets. Students will also practice transforming ordinary sentences into extraordinary ones! These engaging and amazing editing sentence worksheets are great for morning work, take-home activities, distance learning, homeschool, and classroom centers.

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Kindergarten Editing Sentences Worksheets

Product Overview

Teach your students how to write a sentence in an interactive way with our super silly sheets that will give kids in the classroom a ton of fun and giggles! Our Ready Yeti Writing Bundle gives your children a ton of learning opportunities on how to form and edit sentences with our editing sentence worksheets. Students will gain a ton of new skills by learning how to edit incorrect sentences like the teacher. Plus, they'll even transform ordinary sentences into extraordinary ones with their creative ideas! This amazing set of sentence worksheets is great for morning work, take-home activities, distance learning, homeschool, and classroom centers.

Covers Key Standards & Skills

What's Included: 

This set includes activity packs covering the following language arts skills:

  • Editing Sentences Worksheets
  • Stamp a Sentence Activity
  • Scrambled Sentences Worksheets
  • Strong Sentences
  • Silly Sentences 
  • Super Sentences
  • Sight Word Sentences

Skills Covered:

This set builds and develops a wide variety of important skillsets for Kindergarten and above:

  • Editing Sentences with errors
  • Practicing Punctuation
  • Scrambled Sentences
  • Transform simple into advanced writing
  • Practice Sentence Writing & Organization
  • Sentence Parts: transition, noun phrase, verb phrase, and prepositional phrase

Print & Go Curriculum!

How to Use: 

This Kindergarten program has everything you need to teach your child to successfully build sentences in the proper format.  To keep your editing sentences worksheets organized, print the program front to back and place it inside a 3-ring binder. 

Here is a weekly overview of the included daily activities:

Editing Sentences Worksheets:

This pack includes 40 Editing Sentences Worksheets. These sheets give students the fun opportunity to "be the teacher" and find and correct the errors in each of 4 different sentences per worksheet. Each sheet provides students with room to rewrite the corrected sentences.

Scrambled Complete Sentences Sheets:

40 Scrambled Sentences Worksheets for K-2 students! These sentences are all mixed up! Your students will have 4 practice opportunities for each month of the school year. These seasonal sheets can be used to practice sentence structure, handwriting, and punctuation. They make great writing prompts as well. Each sheet provides students with 3 sentences to unscramble and space to create one of their own sentences.

Sight Word Sentences Sheets:

This pack includes 40 thematic worksheets to build key literacy skills, including sight word recognition. These no prep, print-and-go worksheets give young students practice reviewing sight words through repetition and writing. A word bank, full of fun pictures, is included on the left side of each worksheet to help students choose the correct sight word to fill in the blank for each of 4 different sentences per worksheet. These simple pages are great for early finishers or as take-home sheets.

Silly Sentences with Prompts Worksheets:

Let the giggles begin! This pack includes 40 Silly Sentences Worksheets for grades K-2, four for each month of the school year. These sheets can be used as a fun way to practice sentence writing and organization. Each sheet provides students with four different words or phrases for each sentence part (transition, noun phrase, verb phrase, and prepositional phrase) that can be arranged in a variety of ways to create silly sentences and comical stories.

Stamp a Sentence with Punctuation Activities:

No pencils required! This pack includes 40 fun sentence worksheets for students to practice punctuation using alphabet stamps and 4 instructional posters. There are 10 worksheets and 1 instructional poster for each of the following: commas, end marks, apostrophes, and quotation marks.

Strong Sentences with Prompts:

This pack includes 40 no-prep, printable sentence-building worksheets along with 5 colorful teaching charts filled with adjectives based on the five senses (feels, looks, smells, sounds, and tastes). The 40 printable worksheets include a variety of simple sentences from compound subjects to multiple adjectives describing a single subject.

Super Sentences Builders:

Help your students stretch those simple sentences into SUPER Sentences! These helpful sheets will guide and encourage your students to expand ordinary sentences into complete thoughts and ideas. This pack includes 30 printable Super Sentences guided worksheets and 10 printable universal Super Sentences worksheets.


I love these! This bundle comes with so many options for kids!
Mikaela K.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Jeanette Schena

    We do not have a writing program so this is a huge help. I like the different sections/skills and that there is plenty of practice for each skill. I will be able to use for e-learning as well so bonus!

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