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50 USA State Minibook Reports for highly engaging and hands-on state history resources. Your students will explore all 50 states by creating their own state mini-book. Designed for a multi-sensory learning experience in grades K-2, students will research, color, and write about each state animal, capital, tree, flower, bird, landmarks, insects, and more! Plus, students will even learn how to sign and spell the state in American Sign Language. Great for simple state-by-state reports, and early introduction to state history.

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50 States Elementary Reports

Product Overview

Our 50 States Minibook Pack is an amazing tool to encourage reading and learning more about all great 50 States in an exciting and engaging way. This 50 States Mini Book Pack provides a ton of hands-on activities for history and geography lessons with over 550 pages. Take a tour and explore all USA states by locating and marking the state capitals, practicing each state in ASL, coloring, and so much more! Using a multi-sensory approach for grades K-2, students will cut and create all fifty states mini-books as state notebooks, journals, or state reports. Children will simply research, color, and write about each state animal, capital, tree, flower, bird, landmarks, insects, and more! Plus, students will learn how to sign all fifty states in little time. 

Covers Key Standards & Skills

What's Included: 

This set includes 12 pages of mini-books for all 50 states with the following activities:

  • States Book Cover
  • Color the State on a USA Map
  • Find and Mark the State Capital
  • Color the State Flag
  • Color & Name State Animal,Flower, Tree, Bird, Insect
  • Learn and Write About State History
  • State Landmarks and Famous Attractions
  • Sign and Spell the State in ASL

Skills and Subjects Covered:

This set builds and develops a wide variety of multi-sensory skills including:  

  • ASL Sign Language
  • Historical State Facts
  • Building Writing Skills
  • Language Arts
  • History Lessons
  • Geography Lessons
  • Sequencing & Number Order
  • Fine Motor Skills, Cutting & Pasting

Print & Go Curriculum!

How to Use: 

To assemble, simply print all pages in order, stack them by state, and staple on the designated lines. Then, cut in half horizontally for two complete minibooks. 

50 States Notebook:

Here's a snapshot of what your students will learn -- there are so many fun state facts including each state's special name along with the state capital, state flag, state animal, state insect, state flower, state tree, and state bird! Plus, write in your state journal exciting notes recently discovered. Students can record what they'd researched as they travel across America. 

50 States Minibooks Set:

Introduce students to all states of the union in the wonderful country of America with our 50 states printable. Each adorable and amazingly fun state booklet includes a coloring and notebook page for each state tree, a state insect, state flag, unique features, state flower, location, state animals, state ASL sign, special facts, state bird, and state capital. 

50 States ASL Minibooks:

Learn all 50 States in another language with our step-by-step ASL signs!  Each state is represented in American Sign Language which not only gives your student a 'hands-on' experience, it also teaches your child the correct spelling of every state in America. (NOTE: Not all states have a universal sign. In these cases students are taught to fingerspell the state name.)

50 States Nicknames:

What is your state known for? Each state has a nickname to set it apart from other states. Discover each state's nicknames and write them neatly in the spaces provided. Ask students to color each state to reinforce geographic locations and perimeters. 

50 States Insect Notebook:

What is the state insect where you live? Get your students excited as they discover their state's famous bug and many others with our 50 States Insect Notebook. Write every state name and record your discoveries of each special insect. 

50 States Flag:

Teach students that each state has a flag represented. Show them each flag and note the unique characteristics. Tell students to color it based on their observations. In addition, ask children to neatly write each state's name. 

Suggested Materials:

Grab your favorite set of colored pencils, pencils, or markers. (View Our Favorite Products Here)


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