Minute Spin It Math Drills: Addition


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No more boring Math Drills!  Beat the Fidget Spinner!  This 50+ page set of engaging activities, worksheets and math games will have your students looking forward to each page.  Covering numbers 0-10, this set includes fidget spinner addition drills, challenge and review sheets, doubles, secret math codes, math jokes, 4 in a row addition bingo and more!

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Minute Spin It Challenge:

Students start off with our Minute Spin it Challenge which includes a few controlled addition problems and a bonus.  Students place the fidget spinner of the top right corner and give it a spin….then race to solve the equations before the spinner stops.  Challenges include numbers 0-10

Minute Spin It Math Drills:

We’ve taken basic math drills worksheets to the next level with our Minute Spin It Math Drill Sheets.  For each number 0-10 you’ll receive two different drill sheets (horizontal and vertical equations).

Tips for use with Younger Students:

This product is designed to be used with K-5 students.  However, younger students may become frustrated with the amount of problems on each page.  It is important to emphasize beforehand that you don’t expect them to complete the entire sheet.  In fact, It might take three or four spins to complete each page. That is okay.  After each spin, have them circle the problems they finished and count them up.  The goal then is to complete more problems as they progress.  We are focusing on personal growth.   HINT: You can fold the paper in half horizontally so that only half of the problems show and have two rounds with students.

Minute Spin it Doubles:

Doubles are important to memorize and we include three doubles drill sheets for extra practice mastering these key facts.

Rewind Review Sheets:

It is important to practice addition skills with varying addends.  For this purpose we’ve included 8 Rewind Review sheets for students to practice and review.  Encourage students to spin the fidget spinner backwards for these drill sheets.

Minute Spin It Number Bonds:

Number bonds are important for mental math calculations.  Students should know that 4, 5, and 1 are number bonds to quickly add and later subtract numbers on the fly.  To speed up number bond calculations we’ve included fidget spinner worksheets for 5, 10, and 15 number bonds.   Students spin and solve for each of the missing addends.

Mystery Math Jokes: Solve & Decode:

What is more fun the solving riddles?  Students solve addition problems then  decode the answers to these silly animals jokes.

Spinner Winner: 4-in-a-row

Finish out your addition unit with these fun printable 4-in-a-row-bingo games.  Place a small sticker on one of the arms of the fidget spinner, then slowly spin to reveal your number.  Find an equation on the board that equals that number and color in the box.  Take turns spinning and coloring until someone gets 4 in a row to win!  This set includes three different gameboards.

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