Mega Maze Vol. 1

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Through trial and error children build logical reasoning skills, memory retention, small motor control and general problem solving skills. Mega Maze Volume 1 is filled with 50 different mind bending mazes! WARNING: With long winding dead ends and only one solution these are only for the most serious of 3rd-6th grade maze masters. High quality graphics ensure these mazes print crisp and clear and ready to solve.


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50 original high print quality Mega Mazes including:

25 Orthogonal Mega Mazes (square)
25 Sigma Mega Mazes (hexagon)

If your children solve mazes quicker than you can print them, this is the product for them! These mazes are intricate and include many long runs that keep them guessing at which way to turn. Looking for a way to break the ice in your classroom, give students a maze and have a race! Solutions for each maze are included.

2 reviews for Mega Maze Vol. 1

  1. Danielle

    My thirteen year old son tried a couple of these puzzles today. He decided they are super challenging, but he enjoyed doing them. He had to develop a new strategy for solving them as his usual maze solving strategy of simply looking ahead to look for blockages did not work with such an intricate puzzle. This is a fun book for older children and adults. Be careful of frustration level in your child as these are very challenging. It is also a bit confusing to begin with as there is no clear start and finish (they are on the middle top and bottom). However, if you enjoy a challenge and love puzzles then you will get hours of entertainment from this book!

  2. Callie Domingues

    Best. Mazes. Ever. My 11 year old daughter and my 14 year old son both tried out these incredibly detailed mazes. They are so hard but so fun at the same time!

    The first one my daughter tries took her well over an hour of trying, but with some diligence she completed the maze and promptly asked for Maze #2!

    My son could not believe how tiny the maze was and he set out to complete it in a short amount of time. He tried his typical approach, meeting in the middle (come from the start AND come from the end – to meet) and was successful in a short span of time. He loved it and quickly asked for another maze!


    The print quality on these mazes is perfect! They print well every single time, no smudging, no blurring lines. They look GOOD each time I print them.

    A wonderful product that the kids love and well worth the cost. These are excellent for even the most die hard maze lover!

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