50 States Brochures Research Pack


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Our USA 50 State Brochure packs contain wonderful hands-on state history and geography resources. Your students will discover all 50 states by creating a fun and easy to assemble brochure. Give your children a multi-sensory learning experience as they research, color, and write about each state animal, capital, tree, flower, bird, landmarks, insects, and so much more! Teachers will love 50 State Brochure Research Reports thanks to the no-prep work involved!  Provide your students with these fun and easy-to-use research templates they can use to create a beautiful tri-fold brochure for all 50 states.

Each brochure provides ample areas to record the following information (as applicable):

  • State Map
  • State Nickname
  • State Motto
  • State Flag
  • State Animal
  • State Flower
  • State Bird
  • State Insect
  • State Fish
  • State Tree
  • State Landmarks
  • State History
  • State Seal
  • State Quarter
  • Fun Facts
  • Picture Me Drawing




⭐Budget-Friendly Pricing

⭐Simple, Low-Prep Format

⭐Interactive & Hands-On

⭐Friction-Free Homeschooling

⭐Meets or Exceeds Standards

⭐Multiple Students & Abilities

⭐Simple Format Outlines

⭐No Expensive Teacher Guides

⭐Encourages Independence


Elementary Geography Lessons

50 States Elementary Reports

Product Overview

The 50 States Brochures Pack is a great way to encourage creative and independent learning and writing as your students discover amazing facts about our nifty fifty. Each brochure is designed to use as a state report outline. Each state 3-fold brochure provides room to record a ton of valuable information like the state flower, state animal, state bird, state tree and so much more! 

Covers Key Standards & Skills

What's Included: 

This set includes 50 States journaling pages for the following state facts:

  • Color & Name State Animal,Flower, Tree, Bird, Facts
  • Color & Trace State Outline
  • Learn and Write About State History
  • State Landmarks and Famous Attractions
  • Record State Capital, Nickname, State Motto
  • Write Fun Facts
  • Picture Me Drawing

Skills Covered:

This set builds many elementary skill sets needed for young students including:

  • Learn Unique State Characteristics
  • Memorize Historical State Facts
  • Build Writing Skills
  • Language Arts
  • History Lessons
  • Geography Lessons
  • Fine Motor Skills

Print & Go Curriculum!

How to Use: 

Our 50 States Brochure Pack is super easy to use and low prep with our print-and-go format! For each state, there are two pages to print double-sided. For stronger brochures, use heavier paper like cardstock. Simply print double-sided and then fold into each crease like an accordion and stack each section upon the other. 

50 States Brochures Report Pack:

Our DIY Brochures Pack for all Fifty States is such a fun and engaging way to help your students learn special characteristics for all states in an affordable way. Your children will master state facts in little time. They'll enjoy folding each brochure once they've written state facts such as state animals, state flowers, state birds, state flowers, state seals, state quarters, and more!


50 States Coloring Pages:

Introduce students to all 50 States by coloring each state outline, state landmarks, state insects, and more! Plus, students can draw a fun picture of themselves with a unique landmark for each state!

Suggested Materials:

Grab your favorite set of colored pencils, pencils, or markers. (View Our Favorite Fine Motor Products Here)


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