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Our Preschool Curriculum Bundle comes with everything you need for 26-Weeks of Hands-On Learning Fun! Available in an instant download, this interactive bundle provides your students with engaging, low-prep, research-based learning opportunities. Learn why thousands of homeschooling families and teachers all over the world choose our Preschool Bundle for their students.

Our Preschool Bundle includes four of our Best-Selling Programs:

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Crafty Classroom Reviews

Preschool Bundle Reviews

"We are having Fun Learning!!! We tried a fancy, $300 pre-K curriculum before finally purchasing this. It isn’t overwhelming like the other. We already have all the things we need on hand and we are actually having fun again!"   -Meagan 

"This bundle had everything you could need for your preschooler. Since having it I have noticed such a change in my son. He is super excited to do his work now. It's a great price for what you all get in this bundle." - Stacey

"A great help……for both Kiddo and Mama! I was at a loss as to where to start with my kiddo. Most worksheets ended with with frustration and tears. We’ve just finished week one- kiddo is happily learning and Mama is happy there are no more tears." -Bianca

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Low-Prep, Hands-On, Teaching Resources

Low-Prep Format

Budget-Friendly Pricing

Simple, Low-Prep Format

Interactive & Hands-On


Friction-Free Homeschooling

Meets or Exceeds Standards

Multiple Students & Abilities

Simple Schedules

Simple Format Outlines

No Expensive Teacher Guides

Encourages Independence