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One-Minute Multiplication!

Master Multiplication Facts with Ease! Our One-Minute Multiplication Worksheets provide you with everything you need to help your students memorize math facts, and speed up their recall. These one-minute multiplication drills will make a great addition to your homeschool, math centers, homework packs, and are quick and simple enough for early finishers.

  • Covers Numbers 0-13
  • Includes 42 Pages
  • 40 Math Problems/Page
  • Single Factor Focus/Page

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Crafty Classroom Reviews

Graphing Activity Bundle Reviews

"My daughter loves graphing items, and she enjoys completing these pages. She is so excited to do new ones every day, and I’m happy that she enjoys learning!"   -Tabitha

"I have always enjoyed graphing and this is simple enough that the kids are able to find the fun in it as well as the useful benefits to knowing the why and how we use graphs. There are so many different kinds that I liked the amount of practice with all of the different styles. Most math series do not spend enough time on graphs and kids are left to figure it out for themselves. Thank you for this resource" -Amy

"Too cute. Love that my little one can grab a handful of goldfish and count/graph. My child likes to make graphs so it is also a fun activity for us. There are activities for most holidays so I had special graphs just for St. Patrick’s. Now that they have added all sorts of graphs my child’s understanding has really blossomed!!" -Megan

"I tried this at home with my first graders before I brought it into the classroom and it worked wonderful wonders. They were fully engaged & enjoying the experience with new information." - Yolanda

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