Free Letter of the Day Alphabet

When your child is ready to learn the alphabet, you want to provide them with fun, engaging activities that build important literacy skills. Our Letter of the Week Program is filled with hands-on teaching resources they will love!

Today, we have a sample freebie you can download to get started learning the alphabet today! This free A-Z Letter of the Day Pack covers many important literacy skills:

  • Prewriting & Handwriting Skills
  • Uppercase & Lowercase Letters
  • Letter Recognition & Letter Formation
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Beginning Letter Animal Words
  • Drawing & Engaging Daily Activities
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Letter of the Day Worksheets

Simple, A-Z Learning Activities for Early Elementary

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Crafty Classroom Reviews

Alphabet Curriculum Reviews

"My daughter LOVES this curriculum. She will ask me, “Mom, can we do school?” It makes learning fun." -Jessica

"Thank you for giving me hours of my life back!!! I have spent hours on the internet trying to find exciting and engaging preschool activities for our two-year-old. I am so thankful I discovered The Crafty Classroom and the Alphabet Curriculum Notebook. The content is well organized, exciting, and engaging. It is well worth the price!" -Angella

"My three preschoolers will love all the activities, can’t wait to start today!" -Nicole

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